About Artist Kylie Baudino

Figurative Artist Kylie Baudino of Ilka Creations goes quietly about her business, producing breathtaking award-winning artwork and sculpture with all-talent style. Baudino’s work is all about capturing a fleeting moment.

Baudino is currently based on the Gold Coast has a strong interest in Abstract figurative paintings that are loose and evocative in style.

Currently Baudino’s figurative work focuses on the blurring of emotions, indulgent textures and fashion photography.  Conceptual concerns consider the identity of language partnered by an interest in mediums.  A relationship with paper adds another level of interest to Baudino’s works through exploration and relinquishing control.

Baudino’s profile on Instagram  :  Kylie_Baudino  continues to showcase whimsical artworks. The artworks are only ever an essence of the emotion depicted. Click the social link to receive daily artwork updates.  You will be inspired artworks that are derivative of moods, fashion photography, haute couture and drop dead gorgeous style.

Baudino’s current work explores negative spaces and how they inform artwork are ever present. Drawn with Ink, blurred areas distort, offering the space for an emotive response to Baudino’s work. Baudino states, “I am interested in how we, as viewers, interpret such negative spaces. When the form or subject matter is not clear, we can still read the artwork, but do so from an emotive response point rather then a logical perspective.” Such distortion of layers prompts the consideration of how we are intimately informed and emotively connected to our surrounds through the negative spaces in between.


Figurative Artist Kylie Baudino Representation

A graduate of Griffith University, College of Art, Baudino completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Arts) in 2005. Baudino was awarded the University Medal for Academic Excellence. Baudino’s artwork is currently represented by the Jackman Gallery and the Manyung Gallery.


Figurative Artist Kylie Baudino Background.jpg

A beautiful background from the 70’s inspiring Figurative Artist Kylie Baudino